Pet Protector Gifts

Gifts that save, heal and protect our furry friends!

For the animal lover who has everything!

Buy a Pet Protector gift today - such as a Comfort Package for a new arrival - and your gift will immediately begin to change a homeless animal's life for the better!

Once you have selected your gift choice, you can personalize an e-card to send to the lucky recipient, to show them how a life has been saved in their honour!

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Pet Protector gifts represent the essential items and work carried out at our shelter every day. Your donation is a symbolic gift which does not purchase an actual product or service. You can be assured that your gift will be used where it can do the most good and provide the items and services most needed by the animals in our care at the time your donation is made. Pet Protector gifts are tax deductible donations for which you will receive a tax receipt.