Stray Animals

What do I do if I find a stray animal?

In order to reduce confusion for owners of lost animals we request that you contact Toronto Animal Services (TAS) via 311 and that found stray pets are brought to the closest TAS location to you. If this is not an option stray animals can be brought to the Toronto Humane Society. Please make note of the exact location the animal was found prior to bringing them to the shelter.

Stray animals presented to the Toronto Humane Society will not be turned away.

Stray animals that present an emergent state are assessed by a veterinarian immediately and stabilized as far as possible by the attending veterinarian.

The THS has developed a strong relationship with TAS over the past few years and the result of this relationship has been the reduction in euthanasia numbers in our city run pounds. Animals that are transferred over to the Toronto Animal Services are provided with a high standard of care and are attended to by dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable city employees.

The Toronto Humane Society also transfers in animals from Toronto Animal Services when their shelters are full in order to help ensure that no healthy adoptable animals are euthanized in our community due to lack of space.

I have lost my pet, what do I do?

First, stay calm. Then follow these steps:

  1. Alert Toronto Animal Services that your pet has gone missing by calling 311
  2. Check the Toronto Animal Services website for recently accepted strays
  3. Advise neighbors and put up signs in your community that include a recent picture of your pet
  4. Add your pet to the Helping Lost Pets database and check their website for sightings of animals that match your pet’s description
  5. Visit other rescue organizations (including the Toronto Humane Society) in person to look for your pet

Remember, having a microchip greatly increases your chances of being reunited with a lost pet. If your pet is not currently microchipped please consider having this done as soon as possible to help prevent heartache.

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