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The Toronto Humane Society advocates for all animals. We strive to give animals a voice and actively pursue public policy in accordance with our position statements.

Have Your Say

Help strengthen Canada’s animal cruelty laws – write to your federal Member of Parliament and ask them to support the Modernizing Animal Protections Act.

  1. Find your MP (you’ll need your home postal code)
  2. Send a letter or email asking him/her to support the Modernizing Animal Protections Act
  3. Include your home address (so they know you live in their riding)
  4. Send a copy to Nathaniel Erskine-Smith ([email protected]), the MP who drafted the bill

The Modernizing Animal Protections Act:

Ontario’s Breed-Specific Legislation

In response to a series of high profile media stories in 2005, Ontario introduced legislation to ban pit bulls and toughen penalties for owners of dangerous dogs. It outlawed pit bull/American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire/American Staffordshire bull terriers and all dogs that look like them.

The vast majority of stakeholders opposed the legislation, including the Ontario & Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations; Canadian Kennel Club; Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada; Canadian Association of Pet Trainers; Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and Toronto Humane Society.

For more details on BSL in Ontario, please see our Breed-Specific Legislation Position Statement below.

Position Statements

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Breed-Specific Legislation Position Statement

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